Improper billing for over a year!

Ziply became my carrier for internet when they took over Frontier. Our bill was bizarre and irregular. We paid it every month, but one month, Ziply sent us a shut off notice because the payment was late (before the next payment would have been due). I immediately paid the full bill and ahead for the next month. Our internet was then shut off days later, ahead of the notice due date and days after my bank cleared the payment. This was a weekday and internet ceased connection at 5 minutes to 9:00am, just before school was to start. I was informed that Ziply had 14 days to “find” and process the payment. After 13 days and 8 hours, they turned the internet back on. When the statement came, I didn’t have a payment due the next month because my original payment was “found”. The next issue came shortly thereafter when we were overcharged around $100 and, while on the phone, I asked about a better plan. I was informed that my service was below the lowest quality service they even offered. I had been paying $35/ month with Frontier and was paying $55 or so with Ziply. The Ziply rep told me my new bill would be $30/ month after they upgraded our equipment, to allow access to their most basic services. We were charged for the equipment and installation on our next bill. We called again and Ziply Fiber only agreed to waive the fee if we signed up for paperless billing and online access. We were reluctant to sign up due the issues. We did sign up for online account access, which has meant that we no longer get any information from Ziply regarding our bill through mail or email. We did manage to keep getting a paper bill through January 2022, charging us $7.50/ month for this. As a company, they stopped issuing paper bills in January. At this time, they doubled our bill and they have no solutions to offer us besides to downgrade service.

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