Billing Issues to No End

Ziply took over our service from Frontier. Our bill was never correct. I complained about it after I was over charged $100 and also asked about a better plan. I was informed that my service was below the lowest service they even offered. I had been paying $35/ month with Frontier but $55 with Ziply. She told me my new bill would be $30/ month after they upgraded our equipment. We were charged for the equipment and installation and Ziply Fiber only agreed to waive the fee if we signed up for paperless billing and online access. We were reluctant to sign up due the issues. We did sign up for online account access, which has meant that we no longer get any information from Ziply, and auto bill pay but kept getting a paper bill. They charged us $7.50/ month for this through 1/2022, when they stopped issuing paper bills. At this time, they doubled our bill and they have no solutions to offer us.

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